Fender Twin c/w Flight Case 25/100W

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FENDER Twin Amp (Pro Tube)

In flight case with castors.

Will sell cheaper without the flight case. Make me an offer.

This version is very similar in cosmetics with the previous Fender Twins but it introduces, for the first time, a full tube tremolo in a modern twin amp.

The front panel contains (left to right): a single input, clean channel controls (volume, bright switch, treble, middle, bass), distorted channel controls (volume, treble, middle, bass, master volume, channel select), and shared controls (reverb, tremolo speed and intensity, presence).

The rear panel contains power and stand by switches, output power switch (100W or 25W), effect send level, effect loop switch, return level, preamp out, power amp in, footswitch jack, tube bias adjustment and balancing, external speaker jack, main speaker jack.

The footswitch has four buttons that allow to select the channel, bypass or engage the effect loop, switch the tremolo on/off, switch the reverb on/off.

The tremolo is a tube bias tremolo. Curiously, it can be switched on through the footswitch only.

The amplifier features two 12 inch Eminence special design loudspeakers in parallel (8ohms each, 4 ohms total load). There is no output impedance switch and the total impedance of the main plus external speaker has to be 4 ohms

Download Fender Twin Manual