MTP 550 DM

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The MTP 550 DM provides clear and powerful sound for your vocal performance.

Tailored vocal sound

The MTP 550 DM features clear and powerful live sound. Your voice sits well in the mix, and you'll hear yourself clearly on the monitors. It's easy to connect with your audience when you know that they'll hear you.

Highly feedback proof

The MTP 550 DM features a consistent cardioid pattern so that your monitor signal can be as loud as you desire. You don’t have to worry about feedback, and you can perform confidently delivering a solid show.

Durable materials for longevity

To assure your beloved microphone survives even the roughest touring routines, the enclosure is made out of durable zinc die-cast parts. A rubber-suspension protects the capsule while minimizing unwanted handling noise. The built-in wind- and pop-filter prevents hissing sounds and plosives. On top of that, the capsule is protected from moisture. 

Cardioid polar pattern

The cardioid polar pattern picks up sound coming mainly from the front of the microphone, sound from directly behind the MTP 550 DM is dampened effectively. Because the pattern is very consistent, it's hard to find a mic with better rear-rejection.

What’s in the box?

The MTP 550 DM comes with a snap-in mic clip, a windscreen and a transport bag.